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Proastiakós (Greek: Προαστιακός), is the name used for the suburban (commuter rail) services of TrainOSE, servicing Greece's three largest cities: Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras; providing them with modern commuter rail links, towards their suburbs and also towards other cities and towns located around them.The service, operated by TrainOSE uses infrastructure of the Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE).In Athens, the service connects the port of Piraeus and the Athens Central Railway Station with Athens International Airport, while also providing commuter rail links to Kiato, via Corinth. There are plans to extend the "Proastiakos" service to Loutraki and Xylokastro (west of Athens), Chalkis and Thiva (north of Athens) and to Rafina and Lavrio in southeast Attica.In Thessaloniki, "Proastiakos" operates two services. The first connects the city's New Railway Station with the city of Larissa and the second connects the city with Edessa.In July 2010 a new commuter rail service was launched in Patras, connecting the city with Rio. There are plans to extend this service towards Psathopyrgos and Kato Achaia. more »

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