Gbagyi people

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Gbagyi (also spelled Gwarri and Gbari) are an ethnic group in central Nigeria. They predominantly live in the Niger, Kaduna, States[citation needed] and the Federal Capital Territory. They are also found in Nasarawa and Kogi States in central Nigerian Area.Gbagyi is the most populated ethnic Group and indigenous in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria and their major occupation is farming.The Gbagyi people are known to be peace-loving, transparent and accommodating people. Northerners are fond of saying in Hausa language muyi shi Gwari Gwari, "let’s do it like the Gbagyi" or "in the Gbagyi way". According to Tanko Chigudu, the Gbagyi people have emerged as a unique breed mong Nigerians: their culture shows how much they have come to terms with the universe. Daily they aspire to give life a meaning no matter the situation they find themselves.Gbagyi people were often enslaved by some of the nearby Hausa-Fulani emirates.One famous Gbagyi is General and former President of Nigeria Ibrahim Babangida. more »

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"Gbagyi people"

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