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The Changi Business Park (Abbreviation: CBP; Chinese: 樟宜商业园; Tamil: சாங்கி பிஸினஸ் பார்க்) is a business park located in Changi South, in the eastern part of Singapore. Launched in July 1997, the 66-hectare Changi Business Park is JTC Corporation's second business park following the International Business Park in Jurong East. The Changi Business Park comprises a mix of high technology business, data and software enterprises, research and development divisions and knowledge intensive facilities.The Changi Business Park is located near to Changi Airport, the Aviation Distri-Zone and logistics facilities. This simplifies transportation and logistics arrangements for businesses leading to significant cost savings. The business park is also close to Singapore Expo, one of South East Asia’s largest exhibition centres and easily accessible to the Central Business District by rail via the Expo MRT Station and by road via the Pan Island Expressway and the East Coast Parkway. Completed in 2012, a large area of Changi Business Park will open as a mixed use development project. Comprising a retail shopping mall, office building, and hotel building, the project was redeveloped by a joint venture between Ascendas Land and Frasers Centerpoint. Construction of the project was undertaken by Japanese general construction contractor Nakano Corporation.Investors can lease land sites from JTC Corporation to construct their facilities. more »

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"Changi Business Park"

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